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"Art to me, is so much more than something interesting or beautiful to look at. I see a work of art as a personal expression, a rich language formed by colour, shape and line. For many of my clients expressing something personal through a creative process has come with a great sense of relief. Sometimes it can be hard o find the right words to describe what it is you're going through and seeing something you struggle with represented in a creative work can give a safe distance from where it can be explored further. As such, my creative and therapeutic approach has supported many clients through crisis, change and illness. In my Brighton studio I offer 1-2-1 sessions as well as self-development workshops and I look forward to seeing you there soon!"  


"Anniek is an inspirational artist, therapist and leader. She is both open minded and clear minded. She is constantly looking for innovative methods and ideas, and thus transforms the lives of her students,  motivating each in the way that brings out the best in them" Professor Ilana C.

"Anniek has a special knack of opening up your creative channels in a supporting and caring environment. As each class progresses I learn new things about myself and what I am capable of and come aware with a sense of contentment and ease." Irene K, London

Anniek studied art therapy in the Netherlands ('96 - '00) and with 20+ years of post qualifying experience she is an advanced practitioner in the field of therapeutic arts and contemporary arts. She has facilitated workshops for organisations in London, Europe, USA and the Far East and offers 1-2-1 sessions in her practice in London, Brighton and via Skype.


Her workshops, sessions and retreats combine creativity, self expression and a professional therapeutic approach to optimise health & wellbeing. Anniek is trained in both mainstream and anthroposophical (Steiner philosophy) therapeutic arts methods. Her ongoing reflective practice and interest in mindfulness and meditation give her sessions a peaceful and compassionate character whilst Anniek's active contemporary arts research and studio practice bring knowledge of a wide range of mediums to work with. 





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