"When I first came to see Anniek, I was in a bad place emotionally because of family problems and I was also having to deal with loss. Anniek exudes serenity and empathy.  With her gentle support and wisdom I gained an insight which enabled me better to understand both myself and my family and I could then cope with and sort out my problems with confidence."  J. Cooper 


Artistic Therapy Sessions

A gentle yet effective approach to processing and letting go of the past, managing emotions in the present moment and regaining clarity of mind supporting healthy choices and steps towards a purpose filled future.
As part of the therapy we make use of painting, drawing and other creative processes to communicate, express and gain new insights.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming or simply challenging to figure out. You may feel out of balance, whether that is physically or emotionally. Perhaps you are looking for more clarity and insight into what to do next in life. You may have a longing for a more fulfilling and meaningful relationship or keep finding yourself in a similar dead end situation.


Clients that come to work with me have at least one thing in common: They are ready for change.


1-2-1 sessions explore this personal need and readiness for change through creative expression and mindfulness.


I offer a non-judgemental, creative and therapeutic approach focusing on achieving a deeper understanding of the actual cause of your discomfort or situation you'd like to see changed. The creative exercises and therapeutic guidance help you to connect with yourself, to process, manage or let go of painful emotions to do with the past whilst building confidence, strength and clarity for a purpose filled future. 


I offer sessions online (via Skype), in my Brighton studio or London practice.


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