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Therapeutic Arts Workshops

Reducing Stress & Anxiety One Brushstroke at a time

Every Friday we facilitate a Therapeutic Arts Workshop for a small group of people who are interested in a reflective and creative practice.


We're currently offering these workshops on Zoom.


Anniek, an artistic therapist and artist with 20 years of experience, guides you through a relaxing and easy to learn painting and meditation technique to help reduce anxiety, stress and issues with overwhelm. 

You don't need any artistic experience but because you will be working from the comfort of your own home you will need some materials to join: 

water colour paper, water colours, a sponge, a few different water colour brushes, a jar for water and a piece of paper to write on. You will also need to sign in to Zoom. 

The workshop can be attended on a weekly basis or as a one-off. 

Below you find a link to book your place and before the class start you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the class. 

1.5 hour of Mindful Creativity. We use a relaxing water colour technique as well as guided reflective practice to promote relaxation and reduced levels of anxiety and str...
Art & Meditation Class
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