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Anniek Verholt in Malawi

Social Art Projects

Some years ago (in 2010) I had the opportunity to travel to some of the poorest areas in the world including Malawi, India and Nepal. I spend valuable time with local organisations and the vulnerable groups they worked with. This contributed to a great sense of gratitude for all the opportunities I was given in life and I felt it was time to give something back. Most of these organisations needed more funds to do what they did best and besides offering my professional skills it was important to help fundraise. For this reason I set up a charity in 2010 - Inspired By People - with a 100% Giving policy. With corporate sponsorship, a young and diverse board of trustees, a creative group of volunteers and various fundraising events we managed to give further assistance to these projects. Inspired By People continued to support for a period of 5 amazing years. 

I am currently making a decision on the organisations I'll be working with in the next years and will soon post more on it here, so check back in!

If you'd like to stay updated or find out how you can help, get in touch!

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